Add special instructions on a per client and client user basis

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When you add additional instructions for a particular client, those instructions will be automatically included on the Notary Confirmation email that is sent out to notaries after they are assigned to an order and available on the notary's order page when they view the order.


Add special instructions for a particular client by clicking into the client's page (Admin>Clients).  Then, click "Edit" in the "Instructions to the Notary" box:Screen_Shot_2018-02-12_at_3.44.51_PM.png



Once you're editing the client, you can add the special instructions, ensure that the instructions are automatically included on every order with this client, and/or include the instructions in PDF format:



Just don't forget to save when you're done!  As long as you do, those new special instructions will be included in the Notary Confirmation email the next time you put an order through with this client and available on the notary's order page for every order with this client.




Add special instructions on a per client user basis when you are adding/editing a client user's profile.  Any text added here will be included in the notary confirmation email automatically on orders that Client user is attached to.


Notary view:

Notary Confirmation email:


Notary order page:



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