Language and Scanback Requirement Pre-acceptance

Erin Pierce -

Notaries will have to acknowledge and accept language and scanback requirements before accepting an order. This article will explain how this works!

Within an order, you are able to note whether scanbacks are required. There is also a section within the order where you can select a language requirement



If either, or both, of these options are selected the notary will be asked to accept the requirements before accepting the signing. On the notary's side they will see this for language requirement:


And this for scanback requirements:



A notary can only respond as available for the signing when they have accepted all of the requirements. 

For companies using VendorPay, notaries will always be asked to accept VendorPay before responding as available. That will always be the first requirement prompt, followed by language requirement, then scanback requirement. 

Scanback instructions are not included on the signing notification. The notary will only see that scanbacks are required.

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