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Snapdocs gives you many tools to manage your notaries, including favoriting and deactivating them.  You can also add preferred notaries on a client level.

Preferred notaries will come up in the Automator search earlier for orders with that client for which they have been preferred.  

To add a preferred notary, click into your client (Admin>Clients):Screen_Shot_2018-03-22_at_5.27.32_PM.png


Then click "add preferred notary" in the Preferred Notaries section:



You'll be able to enter the name or email of the notary your client prefers to work with and then click "Add":


Once you do, those notaries will show up first and marked with a blue heart in the Automator on orders with that client:



You can choose to have the Automator pause after contacting all preferred notaries for orders with this client, in which case you will have to manually resume the Automator to continue searching for notaries if none of the preferred notaries are available.  This setting is available when you click into your client to edit it:



If that setting is on, other notaries in the Automator will show "Pending" as their contact method until all the preferred notaries have been contacted:



Once your preferred notaries have been contacted, the Automator will automatically pause.  You can easily resume it from there to keep looking for a notary normally:



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