Text Message Notifications to Notaries

Erin Pierce -

To prevent our text messages from being blocked by phone carriers, all text messages sent through Snapdocs will now come from 58163, instead of a 10-digit phone number.

As more companies and signing agents use Snapdocs, having a shortened phone number (what’s called a short code) allows us to increase the reliability of our notification system. This change will go into effect 5/22.

We understand that this might be a significant change for your notaries so we want to make sure you are equipped with the necessary information to help them adjust. 

Previously each company had one or many 10 digit phone numbers that messages to notaries would send from. Notaries were able to identify the company by seeing the sending number.

Moving forward, all messages across Snapdocs will come from 58163. To help mitigate confusion, we have adjusted the content of our signing notifications to lead with what company the signing notification is from. These messages will now look like this:

YOUR COMPANY: Signing available on DATE at TIME, in ZIP CODE (LOCATION). LINK to view details and reply.

If you need help answering notaries' questions please reference our notary help center article about this, or please have them reach out to us at support@snapdocs.com so that we can assist them directly. 


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