Secondary Login Codes for Clients

Erin Pierce -

We will soon be requiring a secondary login code for all client users who login to Snapdocs from an unrecognized device. We are adding this layer of security to ensure that your order information is kept safe.

Where is the code sent?

The secondary login code will be delivered via text message or phone call only, not email. As a result, we will be requiring that a valid mobile phone number is added to every client user account.

Clients can easily update their accounts or this can be done by a scheduler. For clients, just click on your name in the upper right corner and on "My Account" in the drop down menu. In the Information section of your account, click "Change." There should be a section for your mobile phone. Enter your mobile phone number and click "Save."

Or, follow this link to be taken to the page directly: 


Schedulers can also update this information for clients. Just click into the client users profile (Admin → Clients → Search for user) and in the Information section click Change. You should see a section for mobile phone number. Add the correct number and click save. 


The mobile phone number will only be used for 2 factor authentication (secondary login code) and will not be visible to notaries.

When will clients receive a code?

When clients login to their accounts from unrecognized devices, they will be texted a unique code and asked to enter it on the login page. This should happen automatically and be delivered within a few minutes. To access their account, they just need to enter the code and click "Sign in."

Again, clients should only need a code if they are logging in from a new, unrecognized device. To ensure that our system continues to recognize their devices, we recommend checking the box to "Remember this device."


If they do not receive a code after a couple of minutes, they can click "Re-send code" and another one should be sent. If a code is sent multiple times, please make sure they are using the most recently sent code. Old codes will not work. 


What if I can’t receive text messages?

If you can’t receive text messages, there is a link on the secondary login code screen where you can ask for a phone call. If you select this option, you will receive a phone call to the number on file. 


What if multiple people use one account?

We recommend that every user have their own account for security reasons. If you have multiple people using one login, the code will only be delivered to one number. If you have any questions or need assistance, please email

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