Snapdocs for Settlement Agents

Jeff Ho -

Settlement Agents can access all their closings, regardless of Lender, in a single dashboard. This will allows for a simplified workflow that alleviates the need to switch between platforms to view closings with various lenders. This single platform is easy to navigate and exposes all the information and functions needed to communicate effectively with the closing team and borrowers.

Settlement Closing Platform

Monitoring and managing your closings has never been easier! All participants of a closing are able to easily communicate with each other and see any updates made.

With Snapdocs you can:

  • Collaborate on closings with lenders in your network
  • View/Edit closing status
  • Upload signed documents
  • Update signing location/date
  • View closing document eSigning status
  • Add additional settlement agents
  • Add lender team members
  • Message all participants on the closing

This allows all closing participants to collaborate and communicate efficiently throughout the duration of a closing.


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