Which documents should I print?

Jeff Ho -

When a closing package is sent to Snapdocs, each page is classified and reorganized into a wet sign package and if applicable, an esign package. The esign package is then annotated with signature tags to ensure the consumer esigns in the right places. We rely on technology to do most of the work, but a human checks each closing to make sure everything looks okay.



After documents are processed, settlement is notified via email to review the documents and set the appointment time and location. The next action depends on closing type:

  • Full Wet Sign Closing: Settlement should download the “Wet signing” package.
  • Hybrid Closing: Settlement monitors if the consumer esigned relevant documents before the appointment. If they have, settlement should only print the “Wet signing” package. If consumers have not esigned, consumers can still esign at the wet sign appointment from any compatible device. See related support article here.
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