Customizing Email Templates

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Snapdocs offers a few email templates that can be tailored to include specific information in your emails every time they go out. Here’s how you can use this tool to be even more efficient:

*Please note: Only company team members with Admin permissions are able to access and edit email templates.


Step 1: Click on Admin in the upper right corner and then on “Company Settings” in the drop down menu.



Step 2: In the left column click on “Templates” under “Email”:



Step 3: Add text to the template fields

WHEN SENDING DOCS TO A NOTARY: text here will populate in the email that gets sent to the notary when you send the documents on an order. 

Notary View:


NOTARY CONFIRMATION TERMS: Text in this field will appear at the bottom of the notary confirmation email in gray. 

Notary view:


CLIENT CONFIRMATION TERMS:  Text added in this field will appear at the bottom of the client confirmation email in gray. 

Client view:


CLIENT INVOICE MESSAGE: Any text added here will be included in the invoice email to the client. Participants will also see the text in this field in the email they receive, however they will not actually receive an invoice.

Client view:


CONSUMER CONFIRMATION MESSAGE: If you have chosen to include the consumer on the order, you can customize the message that they receive in the confirmation email using this template.

Consumer view:

*Please note: this email will only be sent to the Consumer if consumer access to the order is enabled on either a client or order level and if an email for the consumer is added. 


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