Public or Private Notary Feedback

Erin Pierce -

The first choice you will need to make is whether or not you want to engage in sharing data with other signing services. Each company using Snapdocs can choose to share their comments on the notary profiles with other companies, which in turn allows you to access other companies' comments. This is a smart option for all companies as you can benefit from the shared data. However, if you prefer to keep your data private, this data will only be accessible by your own company, and you will not be able to see other companies’ comments. Your account manager likely covered this in onboarding but don't hesitate to reach out and ask as this is adjusted on our end.

What do my comments look like if they are public?

Comments left by anyone at your company will be totally anonymous to other companies on Snapdocs. They will only be able to see the comment you left and whether it was positive, neutral or negative. This is what you can expect your comments to look like from the point of view of another company:

This is also what comments from other companies will look like from your perspective.

What comments do I see if I choose to keep mine private?

If you choose to keep your comments private, you will see no comments on a notary profile unless someone at your company has added them. If someone at your company has added a comment previously, you will be able to see who at your company wrote it. Any comments that you add to that notary's profile will not be seen by other companies. 

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