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For companies with Snapdocs Verified turned on, there are additional preferences that you can customize for your company to make that classification even more stringent. Verified Notary Preferences live in your Company Settings and can be located by clicking on "Admin" in the upper right corner and on "Company Settings" in the drop down menu.

*Please note: Only a company team member with Admin permissions can access and edit your Verified Notary Preferences.

On the left side of the Company Settings page, click on "Settings" in the "General" section. Scroll down until you see this:



Disallow expired driver's licenses: 

If this is checked, a notary will not be listed as Snapdocs Verified if their driver's license has expired.

Require state-specific credentials: 

If this setting is on, notaries in Maryland, Indiana and Minnesota will only appear as Snapdocs Verified if they have uploaded their respective state-specific additional documents and they have been verified by Snapdocs. 

Require NNA certification:

If this setting is on, notaries will only appear as Snapdocs Verified if they have linked their public NNA profile to their Snapdocs profile. You are also able to select how long an NNA certification is valid for by entering a number of years. 

Background check is valid for:

This is where you can select how long a background check report is valid for. If you select 2 years, notaries who have a background check report uploaded that is more than 2 years old will not be listed as Snapdocs Verified. 


If a notary does not meet one of these additional qualifications, you will be able to see exactly why not at the bottom of their profile, along with any other Verified standards they do not meet (in the example below, the notary's background check is older than the 1 year my company's standards are set to and they don't have verified E&O insurance):



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