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Just like you can tailor your notary search preferences within the Automator on a per order basis, you can also adjust them for all of your orders in your Company Settings!

In your General Company Settings (Admin>Company Settings>General>Settings), you can edit your company's Notary Search Preferences. These settings control what attributes a notary must have to appear in your Automated searches. *Please note: Only company team members with Admin permissions can access and adjust these Search Preferences.

Notary Search Preferences in Company Settings:Screen_Shot_2018-02-12_at_10.14.44_AM.png

If the box for Has a Background Check is checked, Automator notary searches will only include notaries who have a background check report uploaded to their Snapdocs profile. 

If the box for Has E&O Insurance is checked, the notary search will only include notaries with an E&O insurance policy with the minimum amount specified ($10,000 in the example above) uploaded to the their Snapdocs profile.  Use this section to specify the minimum amount of insurance the notaries you work with must have.

The Automator Message Delivery Interval setting specifies the amount of time that passes between messages to notaries while the automator is running. If this is set to 30 seconds, for example, the system will wait 30 seconds between signing notifications to consecutive notaries. *Please note: The smallest interval possible is 15 seconds, but you can adjust it to anything higher than that. 


Notary Search Preferences within the Automator:

Background Check and E&O requirements can also be adjusted on a per order basis at the top of the automated search.

Within the Automator, you can broaden your search to include notaries who don't have a Background Check (even if it is required per your company settings), don't have E&O Insurance (or who are covered up to a different amount than in your settings), and/or are Attorneys. 





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