Sending docs through Snapdocs

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Once you have your docs uploaded, which can be done by:

1 - Dragging n' dropping docs anywhere within the Documents box

2- Manually uploading files via the blue "or choose a file" button


You'll have two options to send these docs through Snapdocs.


1. 'Send docs to notary' button

This is easiest and most secure way to transfer docs in Snapdocs.

This'll send the notary an email containing a link. The link will bring them into the Snapdocs order, where they can then view & download docs.

2. 'Email direct links to the notary' option

This is the second way to send docs through Snapdocs.

By choosing this option, we'll send an email containing links to the document(s). This means the notary will be able to download links directly from the email. (Very secure but slightly less than the first option.)


With both of the above options, you'll be able to tell if the notary has downloaded docs or not.

If a notary has not downloaded docs:
-The docs button will read "Docs sent to notary" button in orange

If the notary has downloaded all of the docs:
-The button will read as "Notary downloaded docs" in green

-You'll see this reflected in your Activity feed as well

There are 4 remaining options to choose if docs are sent outside of Snapdocs, pictured below.

To add a signing signing status to any order, docs must be accounted for. So if you send docs to the notary outside of Snapdocs, you'll need to choose one of these options.



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