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In order to send docs over Snapdocs, you first have to upload them to your order.  There are a number of different ways you can upload docs in Snapdocs. 

1) Drag and drop docs anywhere within the Documents box:



2) Manually upload files by clicking the blue "or choose a file" or "Add document +" button:Screen_Shot_2017-11-30_at_2.42.33_PM.png


3) Push the docs to Snapdocs via our Resware integration:



4) Push the docs to Snapdocs via our Ramquest integration:



5) Docs uploaded by client:Screen_Shot_2017-11-30_at_2.56.11_PM.png



Once docs are uploaded, there are a number of ways to make sure the docs get sent to the notary:  

1. Manually send them to the notary by clicking the "Send docs to notary" button or choosing from one of the many different options for how to send them: 



2) Have them be automatically sent to the notary when the client has finished uploading them, or schedule them to be automatically sent to a certain number of hours before the signing:


3) Have them be automatically sent over when they are pushed over from Resware. 

*Please note: docs will only be sent automatically if docs are set to be automatically sent when the client is finished uploading them, if a notary has been assigned to the order, and if no docs have already been sent to the notary.


Once docs have been sent to the notary, you can keep track of who has seen which docs in the docs box!  Use these indications to increase the transparency and reduce back and forth communication on your orders:


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