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We keep track and list your active sessions as another layer of security for your company. We want to make sure all of the active sessions on your account are accounted for and give you the ability to sign out of all of them in the event they are suspicious. To view your active sessions, click on your name in the upper right corner and on "My Account" in the drop down menu. Scroll down and you should see "Active Sessions."

This is a list of all the active or open sessions on your account. Specifically, this will just show you all the locations and devices where you are currently logged in. For your security, we give you the option to "Sign out of all" on this page which will just sign you out of all of the sessions on the list. 


How do we determine active sessions?

We use IP addresses to determine the location of a session. For in office or at home sessions on a computer, this is more accurate. For cell phone towers, that have IP addresses assigned to them, this can provide a slightly inaccurate location.

Your cell phone can ping towers that are up to 45 miles away, which could cause some confusion if you see a login in an area where you are not, or have not been. If you see a session from your cell phone that doesn't seem quite right but is within 45 miles, it is likely because your phone pinged a tower in that area. 

If you are ever concerned about a session on the list, we recommend following these steps:

  1. Click "sign out of all." This will ensure that if someone is accessing your account unauthorized, they are logged out immediately.
  2. Reset your password immediately.

We require a secondary login code to sign in from new devices and locations, so anyone trying to access your account without authorization should be deflected. 

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