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Occasionally our customers and clients of our customers have issues receiving emails. There are a few reasons this happens and ways to fix it that are laid out in this article. 


1) Email Settings: If you or your client are not receiving email notifications the first thing you should do is check your email settings to see if the emails are configured to send. 


2) Spam Folder: If your email settings are correctly configured and you still don't see the emails, check your spam/junk folders. Make sure you mark the emails as "not spam" if they are delivering there to ensure that it does not continue to happen. 

For Gmail, mark Snapdocs email(s) as "Not Spam":


For Outlook, mark Snapdocs email(s) as "Not Junk":

If our email server continues to deliver to spam, eventually it will blacklist your email domain which means Snapdocs will stop sending emails altogether. This requires help from Snapdocs support ( to undo. 


3) Company Wide Spam Filter: If you struck out on the first two options, the emails could be getting held up in a company wide spam filter. The easiest way to fix this is to whitelist the domain the emails are coming from. This is likely best done by IT personnel at your company.

*If you are using Outlook 365 we have a detailed set of whitelisting instructions*


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