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Snapdocs offers Analytics tools for companies to keep track of performance and metrics. To access the Analytics page, the user must have Admin permissions (as opposed to Scheduler). The following article will show you how to navigate the Analytics page and utilize its tools. 

To get to the Analytics page, click on Admin in the upper right corner and on "Analytics" in the dropdown menu:



On the Analytics page, you should see various metrics, options to select a date range, and various options for analytics views. The overview page will show you financial and success metrics and can be adjusted by date:



Select by current month, last month, last 6 months, 12 months or select a custom date range:



Further down the overview page, you should see more metrics:Screen_Shot_2017-03-20_at_5.18.10_PM.png


Across the top of the page there are additional analytics options by client, participants, company team members and post closing (if this feature is turned on for your company). 

By Client:



By Team Member:



By Participants:



And for Post Closing success:



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