Archived orders

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For security reasons, to protect your clients and consumers, Snapdocs archives orders after they have been inactive for 90 days. When an order is archived, it disappears from your dashboard, but it can always be accessed if need be. By removing inactive orders on your dashboard, we limit the risk of someone gaining access to thousands of orders. 

Docs are not accessible on archived orders.  However, you can adjust all fees on archived orders and resend invoices without reaching out to Support to unarchive the order.  *Please note* fees cannot be adjusted on VendorPay orders that have already been paid out.

You can also always see order details for archived orders by exporting your orders in a spreadsheet. This can be done by someone Admin permissions (as opposed to scheduler permissions) in your company's accounting tools.

If you need to access an archived order for a reason other than to adjust fees and/or resend an invoice, please reach out to and we will unarchive the order for you.  


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