Using your Accounting Tools VendorPay page to track what orders are being paid

Erin Pierce -

There is a VendorPay tab in your Accounting Tools to make tracking your VendorPay payments easier.  Once Snapdocs charges your company for an order, the charge cannot be reversed- so use this page to manage what should and should not go into the bill cycle or reference past invoices! 

Click on Admin in the upper right corner and on Accounting Tools in the drop down menu:



Click on the "VendorPay" in the left column. On the page that opens you should be able to see information about what orders are set to be paid out on the upcoming invoice and to download past invoices in bulk or on a per order basis:



If an order is set to enter the bill cycle but has not been charged yet, we can reopen it for you, just reach out to Snapdocs support at 

If an order should not be put in the bill cycle yet, make sure you put the order on hold.

For more details about how VendorPay works, check out our VendorPay Guide.

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