How to check a notary's credentials

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Here at Snapdocs, we offer many different ways for you to ensure that you are working with the highest quality notaries.

One of these tools is viewing a notary's credentials.  We encourage notaries to upload many different types of credentials:

  • Driver's License (for ID verification)
  • W-9
  • Notary Commission
  • Notary Bond (if applicable)
  • E&O Insurance policy
  • Background Check Report
  • NNA Certification

We also provide space for them to upload additional documentation if they choose.

Notaries that are Snapdocs Verified are guaranteed to have a valid Notary Commission, Bond (if applicable), Background Check Report, E&O Insurance Policy, and verified ID. 

You can see whether a notary has certain credentials a few different ways:

You can export Notary Vendor Info (Admin>Accounting Tools>Exporting Spreadsheets>Export Notary Vendor Info>Generate Report)



The report generated will include quite a bit of information, including whether the notary has uploaded a Notary Commission, Background Check, and has a Verified ID:


Search for agents on the Notaries page (Admin>Notaries) will show you whether a notary has uploaded a W9, Commission and/or a Bond:



Finally, you can also click into a notary's profile for a look at a their credentials in greater detail (Admin>Notaries>Individual profile):



Please note, if you are using our Enhanced Automation Suite Settings and update your Notary Search Preferences, each notary that is automatically assigned will be guaranteed to have the particular settings you have specified.


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