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If you would like to add participants to an order, this can now be done from within Resware. Participants have their own dashboard on Snapdocs and can be looped into email communication, depending on your email settings. Learn more about Participants here.

The way this setting works is it takes any email addresses added to the special instructions in Resware and adds them as participants to the order in Snapdocs. Follow these steps to add Participant users to your orders from within Resware.

Step 1: In Snapdocs, go into your General Company Settings (Admin --> Company Settings --> General Company Settings) and make sure this setting is turned on. Don't forget to save!




Step 2: In Resware, click into the order and on the "Signings" tab on the top bar. Select the specific signing that you would like to add participants to and look to the lower left corner for the "Special Instructions" box. Add any email addresses to this box and they will be added as Participants when the order is sent to Snapdocs.



Step 3: Click on the XML tab in Resware and in the lower right corner select the option to "Send Order" via XML. Once the order has sent successfully, you then need to select the option to "Send Signing" via XML. When both the order and signing have sent successfully, this should indicate that the order was created in Snapdocs. 



Step 4: Login to your Snapdocs account and find the order that you sent from Resware. You should see that those email addresses added in the special instructions box were transformed into Participants on the order in Snapdocs.



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