Consumer confirmation updates

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With this feature, notaries will be able to keep you updated on their communication with the signer directly.  Instead of using comments to update you on their communication, which can be difficult to keep track of (especially on busy orders!), this additional visibility increases transparency on your orders by giving notaries the ability to automatically provide updates on their coordination efforts with the consumer.


With this feature, the notary is prompted to let you know whether they have confirmed the appointment with the consumer or not through the click of a button:



If they were not able to reach the consumer, they can select from a number of reasons why:



In the activity feed of the order, you will be able to see when the notary has indicated that they attempted to reach the consumer and their method of contact:



You will also be able to see on the order page that the singer is unreachable:



And you will receive an email with this information when the notary attempts to contact the consumer!



This tool also alerts client users to the notary's efforts to contact the consumer on their order page:



If you have any questions about this tool, please don't hesitate to reach out to!

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