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Common terms and definitions:

  • Bill Account field: The Quickbooks category you would like your notary payments to fall under (you will be able to choose from your customized list that Snapdocs has pulled from Quickbooks)
  • Product/Service field: The Quickbooks category you would like your client payments to fall under (you will be able to choose from your customized list that Snapdocs has pulled from Quickbooks)
  • Vendor: Your notaries, delineated as "Vendors" in Quickbooks
  • Customer: Your clients, delineated as "Customers" in Quickbooks
  • Sync after date: The cut off date before which no orders will be sync'd
  • Net #: The number of days after a sync that a payment is to be sent or received
  • Completion Status: When an order is marked as "completed" or "did not sign" in Snapdocs

Tips to remember when syncing with QBO:

  • All orders with a completion status will be sync'd to Quickbooks when a sync has been initiated
  • Only orders that have not previously been sync'd and that have a completion status will be sync'd.  As such, notary bills and client invoices for an order will only be pushed to QBO after the order has been marked with a completion status in Snapdocs.
  • Once an order has been sync'd to QBO, it will not be synced again. So if you need to change payment or invoice amounts after an order has been synced, make sure to manually update that information directly in Quickbooks.
  • Snapdocs will create invoice numbers in Quickbooks that match a signing's order number. It's important that you don't already have an invoice numbers that conflict with order numbers.
  • Since orders only sync once, adding payment details to a Snapdocs order (i.e. date received and check number) will not be pushed into Quickbooks when you sync. However, if you add that information to Quickbooks, it will be pushed back into Snapdocs next time you sync.
  • All updates to notary profiles should be done directly in Snapdocs-- the notary's vendor profile in Quickbooks will be updated automatically next time you work with the notary (after you have sync'd that order). *Please note: The notary vendor information will not update in Quickbooks until you work with the notary again



Q: I have to change the notary fee on an order in Snapdocs, will that information sync into Quickbooks?

A: If the order is not already synced to Quickbooks, the changes will go through when the order is sync'd. However, if the order has already synced to Quickbooks, it will not sync again and the changes will have to be made manually in Quickbooks.

Q: A notary updated their payment address, will this be updated in Quickbooks?

A: The notary's information will be updated in Quickbooks when you sync a new order that notary needs to be paid for. Snapdocs will not sync the updated information until the next time you work with and pay that notary.

Q: I am on VendorPay, should I use Quickbooks too? 

A: Please read more about the way Quickbooks integration interacts with VendorPay to decide if that is the right step for your company!

Q: I removed a notary from an order and noted in Snapdocs that I still owe them a fee, will both notary fees sync to Quickbooks? 

A: Yes! You should see a bill for that notary sync into Quickbooks. The description will include the order number as well as "REMOVED" to indicate that it was the removed notary. 

Q: I have been marking all of my bills and invoices as paid in Snapdocs, why aren't they marked as paid in Quickbooks too?

A: Payment status does not sync from Snapdocs to Quickbooks, it only syncs from Quickbooks back to Snapdocs. 

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