Updating Company Email Settings

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Emails are one of the main ways that Snapdocs works to keep you up to date with your orders.  You can use your email settings page to tailor these settings so that you are getting alerted exactly when and about what you need to know!  

*Please note: Email settings can only be accessed by a company team member with Admin permissions.

Follow these steps to customize your email settings:

Step 1: Click on Admin in the upper right corner then on "Company Settings" in the drop down menu.



Step 2: On the left hand side of the screen click on "Settings" under "Email."



Step 3: On the page that opens you should see all of your email settings. At the top of the page you can enter your General Company Address, Accounting Email Address, Monthly Invoice Email Address, an address to include on all emails as BCC, and an additional email for Post-Closing updates. You can include one, multiple, or no email addresses in each of these fields.  You can also change which emails participants receive in this section. Just don't forget to Save when you're done!




Step 4: After entering your company email addresses, scroll down to determine what emails to send and to whom. In the left column you will see a condition/action and in the middle column, the ability to decide who receives an email notification. Lastly on the right, you will see "Preview" buttons. These are for you to see what the email looks like. 



Step 5: Click the downward facing arrows for each email toggle and decide who you would like to receive an email. You can check none, some, or all of the options in the drop down menu. Do this for all of the toggle options. 


There are 4 settings that are slightly different than the others:

1) When you close an order and send an invoice to your client, you can choose which address will receive emails if/when the client replies. You can choose to have the reply emails sent to your Accounting email address or to the Order owner.

2) Within each individual order there is a check box that triggers an automatic email to the notary after the scheduled signing reminding them to add a signing status. This box should be checked by default, but can be unchecked on a per order basis so that the email does not go out.  With this setting, you can choose when to have that email go out. 

3) It is up to you who receives an email any time someone responds to a notification email. For example, if the notary receives a confirmation email and clicks "reply", who would you like to receive their reply? The options are the General Company Address or the Sender (the person who triggered the email). 

4) Lastly, you can choose what happens when a client, notary, consumer or participant replies to an order email, which can come from any email generated by an action taken on the order.  Please note: if you select "Order comment" here, email responses from recognized addresses will become comments on the order while responses from unrecognized addresses will get passed along to the sender or order owner.



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