Adding Notaries to Snapdocs

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If there are notaries that you work with who are not on Snapdocs yet, you can easily create a profile for them. Notary profiles are free, so anytime one of your go-to notaries is missing, just go ahead and add their profile! 

Click on "Admin" in the upper right corner and on "Notaries" in the drop down menu: 



On the page that opens, you will see a list of notaries on Snapdocs. Click on the blue “Add a Notary” button in the upper right corner:




Fill in the notary's details and then click "Create Notary Profile."



The notary will then get an email inviting them to log in and finish creating their Snapdocs profile!

Team notaries
If you are interested in adding a notary who only wants to work with your company, you can follow the same steps as above and just make sure to select "On" in the "This is my team notary section":
Team notaries will be listed as call only:
And they will receive a slightly different invitation to log in:
You can then always assign this notary by following the steps outlined here.
*Please note: If you don't see this option on the Notary Create profile, please reach out to  It is a switch that must be flipped on our backend.


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