How to favorite notaries

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On Snapdocs, we give you the ability to "Favorite" notaries who you prefer to work with. Favorited notaries will always appear higher in the automated search than notaries who you have not favorited. This means they will receive signing notifications first and are therefore more likely to be automatically assigned to an order.  Favorited notaries are marked with a yellow heart icon.

To favorite a notary, you have a couple options. You can either favorite a notary from your order page or from your 'Notaries' page. See below to see what works better for you.


Favorite a Notary from Your Order

1. Look to the 'Notary' box:



2. Click the heart icon:



3. The heart will turn yellow, which means you have successfully favorited the notary!Screen_Shot_2018-03-21_at_4.05.36_PM.png



Favorite a Notary from Your 'Notaries' Page 

1. Click 'Admin' --> 'Notaries':


2. Search for a notary by name, email, etc:



3. When you find the notary, click into their notary profile and click the 'Favorite' button in top right:



4. You'll now see the white 'Favorite' button turn to a yellow 'Favorited' button:



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