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Every company on Snapdocs has a unique URL for their login. The URL is set up when your company is onboarded by our Customer Success team. If you're having trouble logging into Snapdocs or accessing certain pages in Snapdocs, please make sure you're logged in through your company's URL. 

There are two iterations of URLs for Snapdocs customers.  

Default URL

With this option, you keep the Snapdocs branding visible along with your company brand to demonstrate your alignment with a strong mortgage technology and security company.  If you do that, your unique URL is and Snapdocs emails are sent from

White labeled URL

If you are white labeled, you and your customers will have a slightly different experience when working in Snapdocs.  Snapdocs’ white label branding allows you to you experience the benefits of Snapdocs under the umbrella of your own company brand. 

White label branding has two key components:

  1. When one of your employees or a client of yours logs into Snapdocs, it will appear as if users are logging in onto your company's domain directly, i.e.
  2. When someone receives a Snapdocs email from your company the default return email address will be your custom address, i.e.

 There are three basic requirements for to set up white labeling:

  1. You manage your own email domain. We can't use a "" or "" email address, for example. You must already be able to send emails from "".
  2. You manage your own web domain.
  3. You are willing to buy an SSL certificate for your new domain. Snapdocs uses HTTPS, to ensure compliance and security.

Nice to have: A technical contact on your end.  

If you are interested in white labeling, please reach out to


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