Why is the distance of a notary from a signing off in the notary search automator?

Tristin Himes -

Snapdocs uses Google Maps to match the signing address on an order with notaries who are within a specified mile radius. Occasionally the address on an order or a notary profile is unrecognized and can cause some issues.

There are two places an address can cause a problem.

1) The address on the order.

2) The address a notary has on their profile.

Both of those addresses are used to match notaries to nearby signings. However, if an address is not recognized by Google maps, the location can be inaccurate. By default, our system will use the zip code to find the location in the event that the address is incorrect.

If the location is not showing correctly, make sure the address is correct and that the zip code matches the location you are looking for. We recommend running a Google search of the address to make sure it pops up in the correct location on Google maps. If it doesn't, the address and/or the zip code are likely incorrect. 



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