How do I reactivate a notary?

Tristin Himes -

If you had previously deactivated a notary and would now like to reactivate them, click on "Admin" in the upper right corner and "Notaries" in the drop down:



On the page that opens up, use the search in the top bar to find the notary you'd like to reactivate. The drop down can be used to tailor your search method:


From there, click into the notary's profile and scroll to the bottom of the page to Activate them:



In order to reactivate a notary that has been deactivated for a specific client, just click into the clients profile (Admin>Clients), and scroll to the bottom of the page where there is a list of deactivated notaries.  From there, click "Activate" next to the notary who you would like to work with:


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