How do I know if I'm Snapdocs Verified?

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There are 4 (sometimes 5, if applicable) components to being Snapdocs Verified:

1) Notary commission 

2) Background check report 

3) E&O insurance policy 

4) Verified ID 

5) Notary bond (if applicable)

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All 4 components must be verified to be listed as Snapdocs Verified. If one of your documents gets rejected you should receive an email. You will also see a red number next to the Credentials tab in the left column as seen here:

You can find out if you are Snapdocs Verified by checking the Credentials section of your Snapdocs profile. Here's how!

Click on the Credentials tab in the left column of your dashboard:


You will see a status panel in the upper right corner of your Credentials page that looks something like this:

If it says "Yes" with all green check marks, that means you are Snapdocs Verified!

"Pending" means that there are either documents missing or documents that have been rejected. Here's what each icon means:

  • Green check mark = verified
  • Yellow check mark = pending review
  • Exclamation point = missing document or rejected document

If you hover over the icon, you should see the status appear in black. 

As you scroll through this page, you will see all the credentials you have uploaded. Documents that have been approved will appear with a green check mark like this:

A document that has been rejected will appear in red with an "X" and a reason like this. Please note that companies that view your profile will not see this they will only see if you have been verified or not. Only you will be able to see this red rejection message with the reason. 

ID verification is something you have to complete on Snapdocs and instruction can be found HERE If you have completed this successfully it will appear on your credentials page like this:

If you have all 4 of these components, you are a Snapdocs Verified notary! 

Here are a couple of tips:

  • NNA certificates are not an acceptable document for background check report, commission or insurance policy and will be rejected
  • Incomplete or illegible documents will be rejected

If you want to learn more about becoming Snapdocs Verified check out our help topic HERE.


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