What emails do participants receive?

Tristin Himes -

In general, any update being sent to the client user will also be sent to the participant. We are careful to strip out any payment details. The exception to this rule is when the notary adds documents to the order - the participant is not notified but the client user is. Because of the payment part, we actually send them their own email - they aren't copied on the email to the client user. Sometimes companies ask why they can't see the participants on the email and it's because of that. We tried to mitigate these concerns by adding the section at the bottom that shows who also received the message. 
Here are the emails that get sent and examples (these are dummy accounts):
Order is created by someone at (company):
Order is created by the client user: Looks just like the one above.
Client confirmation email:

Notary confirms the appointment:

Comment added to order by (company) and "Participant" box is checked:

Client user adds a comment to the order (This applies to both the client user attached to the order as well as any other client user at that client company who has access to the order and leaves a comment):
Order is put on hold or canceled:

​Signing status added by the notary:

Order is closed, with or without sending the invoice (looks the same to the participant either way):


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