Leaving Notary Feedback

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Note: If you have not enabled the feature to allow your feedback to be public, this does not affect you. This only applies to companies who choose to share public feedback, and as a result see public feedback from other companies. 

Only the comments that are directly linked to an order will be public. All other comments made on the notary profile will remain as private internal notes. We want to make sure your company is able to keep notes on notary profiles and filter out the ones you do not want to work with, but we also want to make sure the feedback being shared is linked to a concrete interaction. 

Here are some screen shots that should explain this:


For the public comments tied to a specific order, your comment will be visible by your team & show your name. To anyone at another company, you will show as "Admin." 


Your comments will display in the "Other Feedback" section for other companies.

Editing or Removing Notary Feedback:

Feedback connected to the notary's performance on an order, cannot be deleted, however it can be edited. Just hover over the comment on the notary's profile and click on the pencil icon:


The comment will open for you to make edits. Once you have made changes to the feedback, click save:



Private notary feedback can be deleted. Just hover over the comment and click the "X" icon:


A window will open asking you to confirm that you'd like to delete the comment:


Just click confirm and the comment will disappear!


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