Remove a notary from your order

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For a variety of reasons, the notary you’ve assigned to an order may need to be removed. Read below to learn how to remove a notary from your order.

*Please note: Removals are factored into Notary scores, but removing a notary from an order will only affect their score if they have been removed an unusual amount (i.e., outside the norm of regular business happenings). 


1) Click "Remove" in the Notary section of the order page:



2) If no action has been taken on the order (i.e., no confirmation emails or docs have been sent yet), you will be prompted to provide a reason for why you are removing the notary.  Select one, and then click Remove.



3) If confirmation emails and/or docs have been sent out to the notary, you'll be asked if you would like to pay the notary for their work thus far:


If fees are required, click the “Pay this notary anything?” button.  Here you can specify what you are paying the notary for and the amount due to them.  After this, click “Remove.”

You’ll then see those fees reflected in your “Notary Fees” section.


4) Find a new notary. Simply re-automate your search by clicking the blue “Search agents” button.Screen_Shot_2018-03-21_at_12.05.03_AM.png


*Please note: You cannot remove a notary once a signing status has been added to the order.  If one has, either remove the signing status or cancel the order and duplicate it.

If you are on VendorPay and documents have already been sent to the notary, the notary cannot be removed.  In that instance, cancel the order and duplicate it.  


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