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For a variety of reasons, the notary you’ve assigned to an order may need to be removed.  (The original appointment time no longer works for the borrower and the notary isn’t available at the new time, the notary’s printer broke, etc.)  Not to worry!  Assigning a new notary to your order is simple.  


*There is one rule though, which is as follows: A signing status has not been added to this order.  If it hasn’t, please continue to follow the steps below-


Step 1: In the “Notary” section of your order, you’ll click the blue “Remove” button.

 Step 2: If no fees are required, simply click “Remove.”  (Feel free to skip down the step #5.)

Step 3:
If fees are required, click the “Pay this notary anything?” button.  Here you can specify what you are paying the notary for and the amount due to them.  After this, click “Remove.”

 Step 4: You’ll see this reflected in your “Notary Fees” section.

Step 5:
Lets find you a new notary!  Simply re-automate your search by clicking the blue “Search agents” button.

Step 6: The rest of the order will flow as normal.  You will see your newly assigned notary in the top righthand corner of your page.


Step 7: When you’re done with your order, you’ll see appropriate fees reflected in your “Notary Fees” section.  This will be in accordance with the fees you first listed upon removing the notary.  (Note: The blue “Edit” button can be used at any time to edit all fees.)



If you did not pay the removed notary anything, the fee total will be “$0.”

Please let us know if you have questions!  Thank you.


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