How do I upload or change my W-9?

Felicia -

Snapdocs will generate a W-9 for you, so there's no need to upload an existing W-9 that you have. Follow the video tutorial or instructions below to generate a W-9 on Snapdocs.



1. To fill out a W-9, go to On your Credentials page, you may be prompted to fill in your W-9. However, if you don't see the "Get Paid - Add your W9" box, click on "W-9 Form" link under "Missing Credentials" to bring up the W-9 form. After deleting your existing W-9, you should then be able to fill out a new W-9 form.


2. Fill in the fields on the form, draw your signature, and click "Save." To draw your signature, make sure that your mouse is inside the signature box. Then, click and hold down the left button of your mouse. Drag your mouse, while holding down the left mouse button, to draw your signature. Once you've finished your signature, just release the left mouse button. 


3. If your W-9 has been successfully added, you should see the following popup.



4. If you'd ever like to delete your existing W-9 and update it or re-do it, go to your Credentials page and locate your W-9. Click on the "Manage" button on the right if you would like to delete your existing W-9. You should then be able to complete the W-9 form again.


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