How to send signing specific notes and documents in Resware

Tristin Himes -

Now ResWare notes only get posted to the specific Snapdocs signing they are added to, instead of all signings on a ResWare order!

Adding signing specific notes and documents

Once an order has more than one signing, any notes or documents MUST include
a valid signing name in the subject line, or they will NOT successfully post to

For instance, if there is an order with two signings, with the following names:

- Signing 1
- Signing 2

Then, to add a document to Signing 1, the note subject would have to
include "Signing 1". For example:

Subject: "Signing 1: Closing Documents"

The entire signing name must be included.


Choosing signing names:

It is important that the names of the signings are not single word names which
are likely to be included in a subject line. So, words like "Seller" by itself,
would be a bad choice for a signing name.

Consider an order with a signing named "Buyer" and a signing named "Seller"

Subject: "Buyer: The seller is on the way to the signing"

This subject is ambiguous, because it contains *both* signing names, Buyer and
Seller. Therefore keep this in mind and use signing names that are more than one
word, as in "Seller - Jones".

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