How will notaries know if my company is on VendorPay?

Natalie Wallace -

There are a couple of ways for notaries to see if an order is being paid through Snapdocs VendorPay or not.


From The Signing Notification

A notary will know whether a signing will be paid through VendorPay right from the start. When they receive the signing notification from a VendorPay company, the "Notary Fee" section will state "via VendorPay direct deposit." Note the sentence below this stating "We're using Snapdocs VendorPay. If you accept and complete this signing, you agree to receive payment via VendorPay direct deposit." 



But that't not all. If a notary clicks "Yes, I am available" but isn't yet set up on VendorPay, they'll be prompted to agree yet again. See the second confirmation below has the options "I agree to be paid via direct deposit" or "I'm not available."

When A Notary Views Their Order

When a notary is looking at a VendorPay order, they'll be able to look at the "Fees" section for VendorPay related information. The"Fees" box will state "using Snapdocs VendorPay" or "powered by Snapdocs VendorPay" if the order is through VendorPay:


Here notaries will also see estimated dates their payment will be charged, transferred, and expected to actually show up in their bank account.

On A Notary's Accounting Page

Notaries have an accounting page where they can keep track of their fees. For VendorPay orders, notaries will see "VendorPay" stated directly beneath the fee.

For VendorPay orders, notaries will also see an estimated date for payment transfer under the "Sent" column and the estimate of when the payment will be available in their bank account under the "Received" column.



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