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With the Snapdocs<->RamQuest integration, you can eliminate extra manual work and quickly transfer information and docs from one software to the other. This article explains what the integration can and cannot do and how to get this setup!
How do I integrate Ramquest with Snapdocs?
In order to set up a RamQuest integration all you have to do is contact your RamQuest representative and ask them for the Snapdocs integration. Once they receive the request we will work with RamQuest directly to set up the integration. 
When the integration process is complete, we will notify you and have you send over a test file. 
What you can expect the integration to do?
Within your file in RamQuest, you will be able to send over each signing per file in a few quick steps. Once your file is ready to close, just open the Closing Market and click “Submit." 
On the window that opens, fill out the necessary signing information and then click “edit,” next to signer, to add the signing party. 
A new section will appear where you can select which signer to add to the signing. Fill in whatever details you’d like to add (i.e. phone number(s) and email address) and then make sure you click “save.”
At this point enter any special instructions in the box provided and check off any documents that you would like to send over. *Note* documents do not need to be sent initially - they can be sent over at a later date. We will cover how to do so later in this article.
Once all the necessary information is filled in, just click submit. It may take a moment for the signing to send but you should see confirmation that it was successful within RamQuest. Once you receive notice that it was successful, the order should appear in Snapdocs. Each Signing in the Closing Market for a RamQuest order will create a separate order in Snapdocs.
What information is sent from RamQuest to Snapdocs?
When you send a signing from RamQuest the following information will pass into Snapdocs:
  • Client
  • Client contact
  • Signing type (product)
  • Signing location
  • Property address
  • Signing Date and time (including fuzzy times like TBD, ASAP, Morning, Afternoon and Evening)
  • Borrower/Signer information including name, email and phone numbers
  • Co-signer information (if applicable) including name, email and phone numbers
  • Special instructions (if applicable)
Here is the order view in Snapdocs with the corresponding information that comes from RamQuest:
If you update any of the above information on the RamQuest side in the Closing Market, it should also update the order in Snapdocs. 
You should also see an order created comment in the activity section of the order in Snapdocs that looks like this:
Document transfer:
Documents can be transferred to Snapdocs through the integration. To do this just make sure the necessary documents have been sent to File Scan and web-published in RamQuest. To do this just click on the printer icon in the top navigation bar. On the window that opens, select docs from the list and then on the arrow to move them into the print section. Finally click on Print Documents to open the print preview window:
Once you click Print Documents, a preview window will open where you will be asked to fill in any required details on the document. Add the necessary information then on the toolbar click "Send To." In the drop down, hover over "FileScan" and then select the option "As PDF." 
Now that the docs have been added to FileScan, click on the FileScan icon on the main toolbar. Find the document in the left column then right click on it. Select the option to "Publish to Paperless Closer."
Once they have been published, they will appear as an option in the Closing Market. To send them, just check the corresponding boxes and then submit.
Once you click submit, the documents selected in the Closing Market should appear on the order in Snapdocs.
What information is sent from Snapdocs to RamQuest?
When a notary is assigned in Snapdocs: A note is made on the file in RamQuest when a notary is assigned. Additionally the notary information will be displayed on the signing in the Closing Market.
*Note: All notes from Snapdocs in RamQuest will begin with "Snapdocs:"*
When the notary confirms the appointment with the signer in Snapdocs: The status of the signing changes to confirmed on the signing in the Closing Market.
If the notary cannot reach the signer to confirm the appointment and selects this option in Snapdocs, that will appear in the status section of the signing in Closing Market.
When a notary uploads scanbacks: The attachments section of the signing in Closing Market will populate with the documents uploaded by the notary. There will also be a note in the notes section of the RamQuest file stating that the notary uploaded documents. 
When a notary adds a signing status: A note is added to the order in RamQuest and the status is changed in the Closing Market when a notary adds a signing status in Snapdocs. *Note* if an admin user (Scheduler) marks a signing as completed or did not sign in Snapdocs, the same behavior will occur. 
Signing is successful:
Signing did not sign:
When a notary is removed from an order in Snapdocs: A note is added to the order in RamQuest when a notary is removed from an order in Snapdocs. When a new notary is assigned, another note is added to the order about the new notary assignment and the notary's details are visible on the signing in Closing Market.
The RamQuest integration does not do the following:
Updating order status in RamQuest: If you update the status on the order entry page in RamQuest, it does not change the order in Snapdocs. To cancel the order via RamQuest, you have to click "cancel order" in the Closing Market.
Canceled orders: If you cancel a signing in RamQuest, there is no way to reactivate that order. A new signing must be created. Note that Snapdocs does not charge for canceled orders so there should be no consequence to creating a new order!
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