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If you need to reschedule a signing after a notary has already been assigned, there is now an easy way to do this within Snapdocs. On the upper right corner of the order, you should see a "Reschedule" button:



Click "Reschedule" and a window will open and ask for the new date and time:



If you would like to ask the notary if they are available at the updated time, make sure you keep the "Notary" toggle turned on. If this is off, the notary will receive no notification of the time change. 

Once you click "Reschedule" you will see the following information on your order page:





At this point you have the ability to cancel the notary confirmation if you'd like, or you can wait to hear from the notary. You are also able to remove the notary at any time if you need to, regardless of using the reschedule button. 

The notary will receive a message that the signing has been rescheduled and ask them to update their availability.


When they click "Respond" they will be taken to the order in Snapdocs where they will see a section to update their availability.



If they respond as available, this will be visible in the activity section of the order:



If the notary is not available at the new time, you will see a comment in the activity section of the order, a prompt to remove the notary in the upper right corner of the order, and you will receive an email.



Appointment Confirmation and Reschedule Email Settings:

In addition to the reschedule button on the order show page, there are also additional email settings for you to adjust around this feature.



Highlighted in red are all of the email settings that you can adjust now around appointment confirmation and rescheduling. You can choose who gets emailed when any of the actions on the left happen. Just make sure once you've made adjustments, you click save at the bottom of the page!

The reschedule feature is completely additive and is there for you to use if you choose. You are still able to remove notaries and change the appointment times as you have done in the past. 

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