Enhanced Automation Suite Settings

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For Enterprise companies with Enhanced Automation turned on, we provide settings to customize the way our Automation Suite will work for you. These settings live under your General Settings

*Please note: Only a company team member with Admin permissions can access and edit your enhanced automation settings.



Autostart Automator:

With this setting enabled, the automator will start automatically when an order is created. For companies using the API or Resware, the automator will start automatically when the orders are sent into Snapdocs unless the box to disable this is checked (located under Autostart Automator).

Notary Auto Assignment:

Using this setting, you can decide whether to allow notary auto assignment and customize the criteria for auto assignable notaries. The "Notary Auto Assignment" box must be checked to enable auto assign and to further customize the parameters. 

You can choose to auto assign your favorite notaries as well as Snapdocs Verified notaries who meet certain criteria. Minimum Score is the ceiling of the scores that you have deemed acceptable for the notaries that Snapdocs will auto-assign.  Snapdocs provides notaries a feedback score that is determined as a calculation of a number of factors that have been carefully selected and weighted to give you the best overall indication of a notary's "quality", or the expected quality of their performance on a signing.  For example, based on the information in the screen shot above, if a notary with a score of 4.8 who is Snapdocs Verified, responds as available for a signing, that notary will be auto assigned. If a notary with a score of 4.2 who is not Snapdocs Verified responds as available, however, that notary will not be auto assigned because they do not meet the criteria. 

Auto Accept Qualifying Counter Offers When the Automator Stops: 

If this setting is turned on, a notary can be auto assigned if their counter offer fee is within a certain range and they meet your company's auto assign criteria. Just select an acceptable price increase maximum and any time an auto assignable notary counter offers within that range, they will be auto assigned. Use this feature to save your schedulers' time and money!

Auto-send notary and client confirmations after notary is auto-assigned:

With this setting enabled, Snapdocs will automatically send confirmations when a notary has been auto-assigned, helping your schedulers save time with less manual touches. 


*Please note: If the Automator is canceled, any stipulated automatic actions will not be triggered.  However, the automatic workflow will continue normally if the Automator is only paused!





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