What happens if there is a "change requested" by the notary or consumer?

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Notary requests the change:

If you have the "Attempt to confirm appointment with the signer" setting turned on (General Company Settings), the notary is asked to call the borrower and confirm that the time and date of the signing work. Learn more about this feature.

Sometimes, the borrower needs the time or date moved so when the notary clicks to confirm, they are given the opportunity to request a change. This article will show you how that process works.

*Important* if there is no phone number on the order for the borrower, the notary will not be prompted to confirm the appointment even if the setting is turned on.

Step 1: When the notary clicks into the order on their dashboard, they will see this:



Step 2: After the notary calls the borrower they will click "Confirm" and a window will open where they have 2 options to confirm or to note that the borrower is unavailable.


Step 3: Once the notary has clicked "send update," you will see a few indicators on your end - on your dashboard and within the order.

On the dashboard you will see a yellow exclamation point noting that a change was requested:


Within the order there are a couple indicators. First you should see a yellow "Change Requested" square under the borrowers name:


As well as a comment on the order:



Step 4: Click on "Change Requested" in the upper left corner and a window will open that will show you the notary's comments as well as give you the opportunity to edit the order:


Step 5: Edit the order to reflect the new time. The notary will then be prompted to confirm the appointment again. 

*Note* if the change requested is a location change, the order will not recognize that a change has been made unless the date or time has been changed. If you just change the address on the order, "Change Requested" will not disappear, nor will the notary be prompted to reconfirm the appointment.


Consumer requests the change:

If you have chosen to include the consumer and give them basic access to the order, they will have the option to confirm the appointment or request a change in the confirmation email. 

If the consumer requests a change, you will see the same orange "Change Requested" icons on the dashboard and on the order, as noted in step 3 above. However, you will see a comment connected to the consumer in the comments section:


The process for making the change is the same as above. 


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