What's the difference between an Admin and a Scheduler?

Erin Pierce -

Company team members have two levels of permissions. When you create accounts for your team you can choose to add them as a Scheduler or as an Admin. Here is what each one is able to access:

Schedulers can create and manage orders, search and assign notaries and do almost everything in Snapdocs except access company settings and the analytics page. Schedulers are also unable to view the VendorPay page in accounting tools. Here is what a Scheduler will see in their Admin dropdown menu:



Admins have full access to Snapdocs and are able to edit company settings and view the company analytics page. Company settings consist of your general company settings, email settings, logo and branding, terms and conditions, editing company information, updating payment information and creating/editing company team members. Here is what and Admin will see in their Admin dropdown menu:



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