What is Snapdocs Verified?

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Snapdocs Verified is a feature that helps make sure you get the best quality notaries for the job, every time.  With Snapdocs Verified, we guarantee that every notary with a green check next to their name has a valid:

1) Notary commission

2) Bond (if applicable)

3) Background check report

4) E&O Insurance policy

5) ID 

We have an in-house team that checks each document to vouch for its legitimacy: at least two sets of eyes review every credential before we consider it Verified.

The green Verified checkmark looks like this, and will show up in multiple places:

In the Automator:


On the Order page:


On the notary's profile:



If a notary is not Snapdocs Verified, you will be able to see exactly why not at the bottom of their profile (in the example below, the notary's E&O insurance has not been Verified, their background check is expired and they have not uploaded a driver's license):


We help ensure that notaries keep their credentials up to date by sending them an email notification 14 days before their credential in question is set to expire, and then another one when the credential actually does expire (if they haven't already taken the document down).  *The only exception is with IDs- for those, we send an email alert to the notary the day after the document expires. 

*Please note: Due to how thorough our process to evaluate notary credentials, there may be a "pending" notice next to certain credentials if they are still under review.  If you see one, chances are it will be gone by the next day!  If the "pending" notice is there for more than 2 business days, please reach out to support@snapdocs.com.


You can further tailor what Snapdocs Verified means for you and your company in your Verified Notary Preferences

If this is a feature that you are interested in, please reach out to support@snapdocs.com!


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