How do I receive payment for signings I complete?

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Snapdocs is a technology platform that helps connect notary signing agents with companies that need notaries. 

At this time, we do not handle payments between notary signing agents and the companies you work with on the platform, unless it is a company that is enrolled in our VendorPay feature. You will need to communicate directly with the company that contracted you regarding any payment details.

Click here to learn how to tell whether an order is being paid through VendorPay or not


If the payment is powered by VendorPay:

Please check out our VendorPay FAQ to learn more about how payments through VendorPay work.

If you have any questions after taking a look at the VendorPay FAQ, don't hesitate to contact us! If you believe that payment wasn't successfully deposited into your bank account, you can contact us at, and we can take a look into what might've happened and address any issues that might've held up your payment.


If the payment is not powered by VendorPay, and thus issued by the signing service or title company:

Please contact the company you completed the signing for. There are a couple of ways to contact them:

1. First, make sure that you're aware of the company's payment terms. Before you complete an order with a new company, you are prompted to accept their Terms of Service. You can always reference a company's Terms of Service by clicking on "Contact Us" at the top of the order or by clicking "Companies" in the left column and then clicking on a specific company.


2. To contact the company, go into the specific order and leave a message in the comments section. The company will receive an email and see the comment within the order on their end. This will notify the company and make it easier for them to reference the specific order and payment. Learn how to leave a comment on an order.

3. If you haven't been able to reach someone by leaving a comment on the order, you can find the company's contact information by clicking on "Companies" in the left sidebar. From there, click on the specific company. You should see contact information listed on the left. To find contact information for individuals at the company, click "Contacts."


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