How to get the most use out of VendorPay

Natalie Wallace -

One of the huge wins with VendorPay is getting payment to notaries in a timely fashion. How can companies on VendorPay expedite the process even more so? By making sure your docs are sent, orders are completed, and orders are closed!


Sending docs

If you send your documents through Snapdocs, great. If not, be sure to select another option to account for the notary receiving documents. See below:



Adding a Signing Status

Once you've marked that the documents have been sent to the notary in some fashion, our next step is to add a signing status. Notaries also have the ability to do this on their end.


Your signing status options are either "Signing successful" or "Did not sign."


Closing an order 

Once a signing status is added, we are ready to close the order! Once your order looks like the image below, click "Close order." The quicker you close an order, the better chances it ends up in the soonest billing period.



Once an order is closed, no further action is required!


Please note: If you don't close the order, Snapdocs will auto-close it one week after completion (when a signing status is added).

If docs aren't marked as sent or a completion status isn't added, Snapdocs will not take action. Please be sure to always account for docs sent and add a completion status (or ask the notary to do so). Then to really stay on top of it, close orders accordingly.


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