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Snapdocs gives you the ability to include to the consumer/borrower on basic order access and notifications. Here's how to include the consumer and what information they have access to. 

Include consumer for all orders by client:

If you would like Snapdocs to default to a state of including the consumer, this can be managed at a client level. 

Step 1: Click Admin and then on Clients in the dropdown menu:


Step 2: Click into the client you wish to include the consumer on and click "Edit Client."



Step 3: There are two options related to the consumer at the client level. You can choose one, both or none of them. 


Collect signer feedback means that the consumer will receive a 4 question survey after a signing is completed asking for notary feedback:



Allow signer access to order by default means that the box on the order create page to include the consumer will be checked by default on all orders for this client:


This can always be unchecked on the order create page. The consumer will not receive any updates or access to the order if there is no email address included for them. 

Include consumer on a per order basis:

If you would like to pick and choose when to include the consumer, this can always be done on a per order basis. All you have to do is:

1) Include an email address for the consumer on the order create page and,

2) Check the box under the email field that says "Send confirmation & give access to basic order info."

*Consumer feedback will not be collected unless the box is checked at the client level.*


If I choose to include the consumer on orders, what do they have access to?

The consumer will receive a confirmation email when the notary confirmation is sent. You are able to preview the email on the window that opens for notary confirmation:


Just click "Send All" and both the notary confirmation and consumer confirmation will be sent. The consumer confirmation email looks like this:


When they click on available or unavailable, they will either confirm the appointment or request a change. They will also be prompted to create a password for their own Snapdocs login:


Once they do this, they are taken to a order view page that is similar to yours, although with far fewer permissions:



The consumer is able to see who is involved in the order and they are able to add comments. Consumer comments are visible to your client, participants and your company. The notary is not able to communicate with the consumer via Snapdocs. 

To note:

The Snapdocs platform does not allow the consumer to be added as both a consumer and a participant on any given order.  When the same contact information is provided for the consumer (signer) and the participant, an error message comes up.




If you adjust contact information for one or the other, the issue should be resolved!


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