Placing Your First Order on Snapdocs!

Tristin Himes -

1. Login to your Snapdocs Account

The first page you or any other user (notaries, employees, and clients) will see when logged into the system is the dashboard. Here you will see a list of all your orders, sorted by urgency, with the most pressing orders at the top of the list. When you mark an order as ‘complete’, it turns grey and moves to the bottom of the page. You will always be able to see all closed orders in the dashboard and you can search for specific signings using the search tool at the top left hand of the screen.


2. Add a New Order

To Add a New Order, Click the blue +Add New Order button on the right of your screen:

3. Add Important Information to Your Order

When you are done filling out the required fields, click the green Create Order button at the bottom of your screen. Once you click the green Create Order button at the bottom of your screen, it’s time to find a notary!

4. Find a Notary

Click the blue Search Agents button in the top left of your screen. From there you will see a list of notaries. Filter notary’s criteria based on criteria you set on this page.

When you’re ready, click the blue Automate Search button at the top right of your screen.


You can edit the automated template or send as is. Click the blue Start Automator button to automatically text and email available notaries.


Texts and emails are sent every 15 seconds. You can edit the time between emails in your settings. When the email is sent you will see the notary contact highlighted in blue and the email status will be changed to Sent.


As notaries respond, you'll be able to see the ones who replied "Available" highlighted in light green.

If a notary declines, they have the option to provide a reason. Look to your activity feed to review.


After checking the notary's bio and feedback, Assign the notary you'd like to work with.



You will then see Notary Assigned in green on your checklist.

If you have Enhanced Automation turned on for your company, a notary will automatically be assigned to an order as soon as they 'Accept.' 


5. Send Client Confirmation

Click the blue Send Client Confirmation from your checklist if you have anyone you need to send a confirmation to, either an external client, or an internal closing department.


You can edit the automated template or send as is.


6. Send Notary Confirmation

Click the blue Send Notary Confirmation button from your checklist. You can edit the automated template or send as is.


7. Send Docs to Notary

To add documents to your order, just drag and drop the documents here:


Click the dropdown next to Send Docs to Notary to select how documents have been sent to the notary.

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